1001 Santorini nights

Santorini nights…will make you fall in love, will make you dream, will make you forget the world and lose yourself in the arms of your lover. Santorini nights will change you forever, will make you feel special…very very special. They will let your mind fly free and make your heart melt, will make you believe that everything is possible, that our world is a stunning place and that dreams really do come true if you “believe in yourself”.  


1001 Santorini nights

Just imagine it…

Can you?  

I have received so many emails with romantic stories from couples that have visited this island since I started this blog. Wonderful, inspiring stories. I have also heard from so many people that still haven’t managed to make it to Santorini… but dream about it daily. Many people who’s dream it is to come to this island… to “experience it”.

The “1001 Santorini nights” theme is all about these nights. If you have a story about a romantic night spent on Santorini… OR a romantic night you would like to spend on Santorini, I would love to hear about it ( oiadweller [at] yahoo [dot] com). Whether you have been here and you can tell us about it… or whether you have always dreamed about it and you can see it clearly in you mind…. tell us about it. 

What did you do… or what would you do?

If you have been here before you may just get to do it again… and if you haven’t been here but you have always dreamed of coming to Santorini, you may just get your wish ;-)

More details will be announced this coming Monday.

Havagreatweekend ;-)

PS: believe it or not the photo was taken by moi… so there !







8 responses to “1001 Santorini nights

  1. Caro Michael,

    I do believe the photo was taken by toi. Heavenly! A “once-in-a-lifetime-photography”. Waiting for the details you will conjure up for Monday. Until then… enjoy your weekend! Bacione, Ingrid in Umbria

  2. Love the photo and the beautiful words….dreaming x

  3. Is there a word for such a picture… the setting… the sky… takes my breath away! Utterly stunning Michael… Brava! To Dream… Carol

  4. OMG Michael. You do some beauiful pictures but THAT is a Magnificent photo!!!
    A great weekend to you!

  5. Dreamy Dreamy image and
    love the story concept … . . I shall look forward to my living vicariously through these future dreams.

  6. wow…i can just imagine it perfectly!!
    but why limit ourselves to just one night ? make it 2 at least !
    splendid pic Michael….so dreamy…

  7. The image is sheer magic captured with the camera! :-)

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