Oia Santorini – Blue on Blue

Blue is the most popular colour, it is the most calming.. tranquil colour and largely the colour of this small planet we all call home. Blue is also the colour we all associate with the sea/ocean, although these days its getting harder to find water that’s clear… especially near large cities. Fortunately the Greek islands and Santorini in particular, does not have that problem. The small church belonging to a friend that’s near the house was freshly painted and on a calm afternoon it was a good opportunity to snap some pics of  “blue on blue”.


the light was right and the blue… well the blue is always right in the caldera 


it’s just a matter of waiting to take the shots you want…
the big blue beyond being the perfect backdrop for the tiny church


blue on blue…


Rex took up his favourite position for sunset boat-watching…


followed by his impersonation of the Sphinx !



then it was time for dinner at Ammoudi… and this was the view below the table 
(in case you’re wondering that’s at least 5-6 metres deep) 



I know it looks like an aquarium dear friends… but trust me, this is the turquoise blue Aegean sea



and although it looks shallow… it is not. It is just absolutely crystal clear ! 


Now… go with me on this. It’s the end of a busy week. Lots of running around, met lots of wonderful people at the studio… and now it’s Friday evening and I am sitting down at Ammoudi with some nice seafood and a glass of wine. Next to the table I can look down and see the crystal clear waters filled with fish and volcanic rocks.

Now don’t get me wrong, I am very aware that this is not the centre of the known universe or the most “hip” spot to be seen… but I can honestly tell you that at that very moment there was nowhere else I wanted to be.

Funny that ;-) 





6 responses to “Oia Santorini – Blue on Blue

  1. Michael, I know exactly where you were sitting and believe me, I am very jealous!

    Rex looks very sweet.

  2. Michael, love the shot of Rex against the water! So lovely. Your description of the food, wine, the crystal clear waters all sound like heaven! Hope it’s a fantastic weekend!

  3. Oh! So many blues… cobalt, cerulean, ultramarine with sky blue and washes of lavender. Gorgeous! “Hip”? Yours seat is pretty spectacular Michael… and looking down into 20 feet (?) of clear blue… layers of blue… pretty cool to me! Lovely Lovely photos as always… love the chapel and your adorable black sphinx! Have a great Sunday. Carol

  4. Caro Michael,

    I did not know Mondrian visited Oia. He must have been inspired by the Santorini Blue on Blue.

    And, you are in the “hippiest” place of the world. Senza dubbi! Bacione, Ingrid in Umbria

  5. It would be heaven to be surrounded by so much blue…lucky you! Incredible pictures,
    Thank you…

  6. Amazing blue!
    you live in heaven :)

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