Santorini – the zen of Fall

Spring may be the season for celebrating life… but fall/autumn is the season of romance and love. In Spring you want to run on hill tops and explore nature… but come fall/autumn you want to take slow, long walks and be reflective, tender, romantic. If spring is zooom… then fall is zen.

There is just something about fall (I don’t want to keep mentioning fall & autumn so we’ll stick with fall). I think it is the mystical season. Summer finishes and suddenly things change… beginning with the light. Suddenly there is a haze in the mornings, the light is softer and everything seems to look more real. The harsh summer light gives way to a softer glow that brings out the more natural colours of everything. In Santorini… Fall is even more special because although we don’t have the gorgeous trees that many of you have all over the world, we have this little pond… called the caldera.

If you are like me and believe that fall is the “zen” season… and you agree with me that there is something mystical about this island and especially about the caldera… then you would be deliriously happy to be on Santorini during this magical season. Whilst the weather is still fine we’ve had several glimpses of fall and all the mystical wonders it has to offer.


calm before the storm…



visual zen…


 balcony view of stormy weather,
romantics rejoice…



the heavens took pity on the ships…


fall sunset

fall sunset …


The zen of the Fall indeed !

What do you think?




Only been a couple of cloudy days this fall, but already the colour of the light and the water, as well as the island, are changing. The blue is bluer than ever and the water…well the water just looks surreal. Don’t believe me? Pop by on Friday… you’ll see what I mean ;-)




7 responses to “Santorini – the zen of Fall

  1. These photos are so breathtaking! Even more reason that Greece is #1 on my list of places I wish I could travel to one day.

    t @ Now Craving

  2. I’ve never thought of fall as being Zen … . but, with your eloquent descriptions and images –
    I’d have to say I agree.
    There’s a stillness that is quite Zen.


    • t – ty & welcome…hope you can make it one day soon !

      J – I think Fall and its Zen could fill you with inspiration if you opened your mind to it. Your beautiful work lends itself perfectly to the colours of the Fall.

  3. Dear Michael,
    first, i want to thank you for your lovely words of support and yes i feel definitely a bit better everyday…Didn’t go out for grilled octopus yet but very soon… :-)

    as always, you’re tempting us with such beauty. It’s true when i think of Greece, i always think of summer blue and never fall but it is magical too at this season.
    As a virgo girl, i love autumn and its melancoly
    so here’s to autumn and zen !
    a big hug to you

    • Great to hear from you beautiful girl… hope M is looking after you well. Having dinner at Ammoudi by the water tonight…will drink an ouzo to your good health ;-)

  4. Caro Michael,

    What do I think? Caldera is “zen” – no doubt. And… There is a romantic caveman in Oia. What more can we say, but thank you for putting fall into words! Bacione e buon week-end, Ingrid in Umbria

  5. My husband and I got engaged on Santorini in the fall and yes, there is a particular zen of the Fall. Lovely pictures of a soulful place!

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