Call it Autumn… call it Fall


Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower. 

~Albert Camus

Call it Autumn… call it Fall.  
It’s my favorite season of them all.
And it’s here!

That most special of seasons has arrived on Santorini and in case anyone had somehow missed the occasion… nature decided to put on a little show to remind us.



It was 6.30am and suddenly the mist starting gliding into the caldera like floating silk .


Within seconds the fort was almost shrouded… 


and the small island had all but disappeared in the rolling mist.


Within 20 minutes almost the entire island was being hugged by a thick blanket of soft white silk.

Somewhere under the cloud is the island’s main town of Fira… but on this day it was the first autumn mist that was going to be the star of the show and what a majestic show it was. Autumn is here and the end of the season is near. The low hugging mist was like a veil being slowly pulled across the island… a sign that the extreme summer heat was over. The air was filled with moisture and I was thrilled that the island would soon be again quiet and peaceful.

Autumn is a fantastic time to be on Santorini… as is Spring. The light changes and the island colours change with it. Its as if the island breaths a sigh of relief and so do the people on it. For me… it’s a sigh of anticipation. The wonders of autumn, winter and spring are ahead. This magical landscape will once again weave it’s magic and no doubt produce sights and sounds that will amaze and astound me.

Quiet solitude and sublime images ahead. I hope you will join me and keep me company during winter ;-)




11 responses to “Call it Autumn… call it Fall

  1. Lovely Lovely! To have your home again … and the mist! Gorgeous photos of your magical island. I love off season most places… I am sure most everyone there is sighing for the return of peace… though I imagine it is hard for some sans the income.

    • off season indeed Carol…for almost any place. Venice in summer is a zoo…. winter it’s a wonderland. Makes you wonder why people go anywhere during peak season.

  2. Caro Michael,

    D’accordo! This is the season to breathe fresh air. Strolls on empty streets. Only you and the horizon. Mornings crisp. Evenings still mild enough for outdoor dinners. You are on top of the world, Michael. Enjoy! Bacione, Ingrid from late summer Umbria

  3. Michael –
    You’ve taken my breath away … . again!

    As I sit with my morning coffee and breakfast tray, here in the desert of New Mexico – what a dream to experience your morning mist.


  4. I too am so ready for fall… at least the south texas version… anything is better than 56 days of tempuratures over 100 degrees F! i can’t wait to see the seasons change in santorini, loved the snow pics from last year, i would have never known : )

  5. Your second photo is like a dream. The blue is just unbelievable. Looking forward to watching the season change in Santorini.

  6. I also love Fall the very best.
    I am a mediterranean girl.. from Malta – though I now moved to somewhere greener, where I wanted to be colder..
    But your blog makes me fall in love with ‘my region’ of the world all over again.. the combination of those heights, so high you can almost see the horizon’s curve.. and that deep blue blue.. it’s like something out of a fantasy film..

    Next time please take a photo of some sirens and a sea monster or two please! :)

  7. J – it’s a different world isn’t it. Hope you get to walk these paths soon.

    Amanda – it just shouldnt be allowed… a week of 100 degrees is “monkey weather”…. but 56 days???

    C – dreaming with eyes open is one of life’s special pleasures when brought on by words, music or images ;-)

    Lisa – lolololol if there are any…i’ll find them for you !

  8. Absolutely dreamy photos, now I know the time of year that I will come to Greece…autumn is my favorite season here in the desert, the weather is perfection, especially after the extreme heat.

  9. Whatever it is called . it is beautiful

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