Oia Santorini – Scenes from a Greek Island weekend…

It’s a shame there isn’t some kind of photo gallery that we can go to and look at images of people’s weekends from all over the world. Hundreds of cities… towns, villages and “small islands”, all over the world. Maybe one of the flicker or youtube whiz-kids will read this and do something about it. In the meantime… here are some images from my weekend in my little part of this beautiful planet we all call home.


Saturday morning I woke up early to find mist and low cloud… a rare treat for August.



I saw the mist drifting fast… creating some beautiful images on the landscape in front of me…



 I then went for an early walk and saw Oia from a new vantage point… one I had never been to before,
but will surely be visiting again and again…


taxiThat night our next door neighbours were returning to Athens… so they called a taxi – as you do!
But of course this is Oia… and our taxi is a bit different to yours, at least until you get up the steps
to the village centre.


meteorNext morning I got up early again… my coffee shop (Meteor) was still closed.
Yes… that’s the cafe on the left and the tables on the right… welcome to Oia ;-)



I then rode to the winery where I saw grapes being dried in the sun. This is the grape they will use
to make the famous Santorini VinSanto… multi-award winning sweet wine.


boatsAfter a swim I got home in the afternoon in time to see this almost surreal image.
It’s the daily parade of boats cruising past below the house in mid-afternoon,
full of tourists looking up at Oia and no doubt taking thousands of photos. 


rising sun5

Speaking of boats… this little boat turned up late afternoon. But this is not just any boat dear friends…


rising sun2

This… is the “Rising Sun”. One of the biggest private yachts in the world, belonging to 
Larry Ellison (Oracle Corp). I may not agree with the man’s technology ideas… but he has
fantastic taste in yachts. It’s lean, understated, elegant and simply stunning.


rising sun4It’s 138m long and has 8,000 sqm of living space. That’s 8 thousand square metres friends. 
Heli-pads front and back… the back one doubles as a half-basketball court.

rising sun 3

So I sat on the front balcony with binoculars… took these photos and admired. He is a self-made man
and you have to love that.


I have to say that I absolutely love the view from the house. The caldera is like the best possible live theatre on a grand scale…daily. Each day the show is different and you just never know what the next day will bring. I know I am very fortunate to have this view in front of me daily.

So that was the last weekend of August for another year dear friends. A bit of everything thrown in. From the sublime pleasure of watching the early morning mist  roll through my small village… to breathing in the aromatic scent of grapes drying in the hot August sun… to the magestic image of the “Rising Sun” under my house. It’s a small village on a small island… but it’s different.

To be perfectly honest I am very pleased August is gone and I am really looking forward to September. There is always a far nicer atmosphere on the island during September and we are a month closer to winter, when all the real “business” is done… and what a winter this promises to be dear friends. More on that soon ;-)

I hope you enjoyed the images from my Greek Island weekend….

PS: My best wishes for a speedy return to full health for the lovely Lala  xxx


8 responses to “Oia Santorini – Scenes from a Greek Island weekend…

  1. So many spectacular images for ONE weekend!
    I can only imagine that the Rising Sun guests were gazing at your special spot on the hill with envy ,
    as you were watching them.
    Your cafe is lovely .. . I hope to one day stroll down that beautiful path.


    Thank you for your very kind message
    last week— it was most appreciated.

  2. I can’t even believe the pictures I just saw. Incredible! I’ve never seen grapes laid out to dry like that to make wine. What an incredible life you must live.

  3. You would not want to see pictures from my weekend, this past weekend. Nothing to see. Nothing, nothing… not a view, not a flower. My weekend was all about longing…to be somewhere else. Oia, maybe? Do you really call for a burro?

  4. Judith – I hope one day soon you do stroll down that path & you’re welcome bout the message. It must have been hard.

    Donna…thank you and welcome. The grapes drying in the sun are quite a sight and so is the view from the vineyard. Glad you enjoyed and thnx for your comment.

    C – yes… we really do call for a burro when guests with lots of bags/luggage are here…. easier than carrying things up yourself. It’s a tradition and it quite simply “works”.

    As for the “nothing” weekend…you’re welcome to spend it in Oia anytime ;-)

  5. I love to see your pictures!!! It reminds me of how beautiful some places of this world are… Thank you so much for sharing this gorgeous landscapes :)

  6. I like your living taxi and instead of pollution you get compost… Ah to be there! Gorgeous photos and the yacht may be terrific, but I could not take my eyes off the different colors of the sea, the mist… and your newly discovered view… now that makes life worth living! Love the cafe!

  7. Again a note that makes me want to come back as soon as we can. We also loved Meteor, I especially liked the music choices (some good old jazz) and relaxing vibe we get when we sit there for a coffee (with an icecream for my wife). We had a lot of fun with Max (i think his name was). The very sweet white and black spotted dog that did not want to go home. The owner was telling it to go home. He was there being bugged by cats, and all of a sudden there was a lot of noise. All cats started running and being chased by a handful of dogs through the streets.. It was fun. I feel sorry for the poor animals that have to go into the winter again. Hope some people take care of them.

  8. Clearly we were there at the same time! Got back a week ago. We also saw the “Rising Sun” – views of it and Oia, particularly at sunset, were nothing short of spectacular! A photographer’s paradise!! God only knows how much more beautiful the sunset must have been if sitting out on the after deck of the Rising Sun with large Gin & Tonics!! Thira also beautiful, but Oia took our breath away! Have lots of photos with which to show off to unfortunate mortals who have not witnessed Oia at sunset. David Stearne

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