Oia Santorini – being here !

Waking up at 6am…. some weights, a walk or a swim, quick juice and then off on the Vespa. Running around all day, dropping in and out of the studio, meeting with people, checking out properties, seeing people at the winery, a coffee or three, back to the studio… then a ride home in the evening.

Living in paradise doesn’t always mean you have the time to enjoy it. In fact…. if you’re not careful, the same thing that happens in any big city can just as easily happen in Oia and/or Santorini.

If you let it that is…. and I have been letting it lately. A lot !

But then something happens. Something that reminds you that you live in a very, very special place. Something that makes you realise the need to keep in mind why you are here in the first place.

Let me show you.

On the way into Oia village you can’t see the view on the volcano side… only the north side, which is spectacular in itself. But the “real view”, the one that makes your jaw drop to your knees, stays teasingly hidden until you are almost in the village proper. Then, in a fleeting moment…. it opens up. It’s the spot I call the “Oia Pass”. Suddenly the caldera view opens up for you on the left as you drive in… and your eyes can hardly believe what they are seeing. It’s a narrow pass and you can’t really stop there unless you are waiting for oncoming traffic to clear. But the most gorgeous village on earth gives you a teasing little glimpse. It’s like the most beautiful caldera in the world smiling and saying to you  “Pssssssssst….welcome to your dream ” as you’re driving through.

You turn… and your eyes see this:

4 On the left you look towards Imerovigli and the main port….



below is the magnificent cliff side with the beautifully carved out hotels…deep blue caldera opening up below them…


5 the volcano and Therassia island ahead…


3and a large cruise ship gliding majestically passed.


The photo that will do this scene justice hasn’t been taken yet… the photographer that can capture it hasn’t been born yet and the camera that can take in what your eyes can see hasn’t been made yet. But you will have to take my word for it dear friends… there is nothing like it anywhere on this planet.

So, in the mad rush to stay on top of things… to run around and do what needs to be done, I occasionally have to stop here and remind myself where I am, what it’s taken to be here and why I must never, ever take it (or my time here) for granted !



7 responses to “Oia Santorini – being here !

  1. You gave my weekend a kickstart – as always.
    Have a good one –

  2. Caro Michael,

    Thanks for the lovely BBQ and the vespa ride today. Honestly. To me it seems that particular camera has already been invented. The eye behind the camera has just demonstrated. All a matter of stopping there and then to see and enjoy the “little things”, the nuances. And, as you say, never go past, taking things for granted. Lovely post, Michael. And stunning photo, as always. Bacione e buon week-end, Ingrid in Umbria

    • ty Ingrid… kind words, but alas I don’t think anyone can really capture the beauty of Oia’s view. Even your brain has a hard time believing your own eyes. But you are right… taking it all for granted should never become acceptable.

  3. I love the blue in the doors that seem to mirror the sea… so lovely… and made so with intent … no doubt. Not sure how I would like the cruise ships however… knowing what they do to the oceans… and so many tourists! So true about taking moments and life for granted… thanks for sharing your amazing world. Carol

  4. Catherine – will visit you this weekend, looking forward to it ;-)

    Carol – I so agree with you about cruise ships and tourists… but I also know what the fishing fleets do out there as well…. they should all be made to pay.
    Looking forward to your farm pictures as fall arrives ;)

  5. Ahhhh – More beautiful serene photos of your beautiful island. So glad you choose to share them!

  6. What is the best means of transportation to get from Santorini to Oia? We will be coming from a cruise ship. What should I do and where should I go when I get to Oia?
    thank you

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