Oia BBQ… with a view !

So you’ve finally come to visit… to see my little village… to see the small island in the Aegean that makes people lose their hearts and minds.

Like a good host I have taken you for a long ride on the Vespa…. showing you the sights and let you breath in the air that makes people light headed. We then had a lazy afternoon on the beach (siesta on the beach chairs included) and then back to Oia for dinner.

“Where are we going for dinner?”  you ask…

“Nothing special… thought we might have a casual bbq, just relax and enjoy Oia at sunset…away from everyone.
Some wine, some music, some nice food… and a bit of a view”.

So we take our food, our wine, our music and we ride to my little special bbq. Why special you ask? 




It’s a bit rough…I’m sorry, but there is plenty of room and it’s secluded.



All very basic… I know, but it has a certain charm about it… don’t you think?



There is also a fair bit to look at while waiting for the food to cook.


It’s nothing fancy… I know.

But hey… when in Oia !


I know my little bbq is not high tech, it’s not designed for extreme comfort and it’s certainly not designed for a big crowd.

Call me silly… but I like it  ;-)



7 responses to “Oia BBQ… with a view !

  1. you are killing me! i love your “pit” ( that’s what we call it here). it is gorgeous.. the view is not to shabby either ; ) thank you for being such a great host to us ” visitors “.

  2. Barbeque or not…I would be happy just to be sitting there watching the view…a hammock with a glass of wine might be nice…lol

    • A hammock and a glass of local wine indeed Roberta. If someone can call me with a better place to enjoy those two things, I will be on the next plane.

      People keep telling me I will never get that call….

  3. Not too shabby! Astonishing! Is this a private or public spot? Gorgeous light… seems like it must have incredible powers to stimulate the imagination… for your image does so just through this screen.

    • Carol… it’s on public land, built by a hotel directly behind it. Very hard to find so I guess you could say it will only ever be used by hotel guests… and pests like me who happen to know where it is ;-)

  4. Michael, next time we will definately drop by and you can show us where it is hidden! ;)

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