Find your passion – Allison “Aegean Designs”

“Take your passion… make it happen”

These were the words sung by Irene Cara in “Flashdance -What a feeling”. The song and the video clip, undoubtedly inspired hundreds of thousands of young kids the world over to become professional dancers. Sometimes that’s all it takes. A glimpse, a sound, an image, a feeling you get when you do something for the first time. Other times passion is something that grows over time. The more you do something the better you become at it and the better you become.. the more you love doing it…. and the more you love doing it the better you become… [infinite loop].

In Allison’s case it was to create things on Santorini. So now she has her studio and she does just that…


It’s amazing what happens when you find your passion… and “make it happen”!

Since her studio opened there has been an incredible amount of people that have come through, admired, discussed, laughed and cried about life, art, passions and dreams. Stories come pouring out of people’s mouths when they walk into the small studio. Others stand outside, take photos and just watch her work. Some have become friends and some have already become mentors to her. There are offers from other countries and expressions of interest from other artists to become involved. It seems like there is a wave of goodwill that has been created simply because people can see the passion behind her work and her willingness to make it happen.

Is it the law of attraction at work? Is it a primal instinct we all have to want to share something that is pure in intent and purpose? Is it because of the joy we get when we see someone doing something he/she loves?

Whatever it is dear reader… it is worth sharing. There are many people on this island that have found their passion and there are millions more around the world. Over the coming weeks I will be doing a lot more on this topic and trying to look into the profiles of people that have found their passion …. and made it happen !

Surveys show that  more than 80% (I would guess more than 90%) of the population don’t know or have not found their passion in life.

If these stats are true, it is a worthy cause indeed to try and make even a minute difference by helping people to see the benefits of finding their passion in life. I hope you can help by sharing your own stories or stories of people you know.


14 responses to “Find your passion – Allison “Aegean Designs”

  1. First, what i want to say is that i love Allison’s studio…incredibly beautiful, fresh and yes…romantic!

    now..about living one’s passion, i nearly sent you a mail the other day concerning my new activity.
    You once showed pics of happy newly wed couples in Oia, and i commented oh…this would be my dream to be a wedding planner in Oia…
    now..guess what…i’ve become one in Granada! the only thing is i don’t understand how it never crossed my mind that this was my dream job. In Paris, i already worked for wedding planners, loving it, the work of mise en scène etc…
    I actually love weddings, Granada especially and dealing with the whole planning and also working with my boyfriend for people who are in love. So yes, it’s my new passion..i know it’s going to be hard but it’s also what makes it exciting. In fact, I owe it to some inquiries on my blog. At first I declined offers thinking i could never do it and since then i changed my mind!

    i can’t wait to read other comments from other people who found their passion and live it.

    great post Michael!

    • Hey Lala…I’m thrilled about your new venture and will put up a link for you today. Will also send you an email about some other interesting things ;-)

  2. Does Allison have a blog/wed site or page on this blog with her work? Did I miss it somewhere…or loose it…lol…I’m getting older so who knows. Would like to see some of her work…her passion. Thanks, Roberta

  3. And I love your passion! I can’t wait to read more about your stories! And yes, I do believe the Law of Attraction plays a role. But will have to give that more thought! Ooh you’ve stirred things up!
    Happy Weekend!

  4. Kirsten – I’m really looking forward to writing & reading some of these stories too. I hope people can feel comfortably in sharing their story with us.

    Roberta – there are a couple of pages in this blog with Allison’s work….look for Aegean Design. her own blog and online shop will be live soon…will let you know about it here ;-)

  5. Hi Michael, it is the most magical thing in the world finding your passion. Photography was like falling in love for me. Love the blog, we are off to Greece in two weeks. Thanks… Carla x

    • I think we are all glad you found your passion Carla….you’ve given us fantastic images to look at and dream about. Hope you enjoy your time on the island.
      Wave ;-)
      PS: sent you an email about this… hope you’ll consider it !

  6. How wonderful that your wife has found her passion, have you found your passion as well? You never mention in your blogs what you do or what your passion is and I would love to know more. I am graduating this next fall and plan a trip with my friend to explore Greece. This blog and many others have been instrumental in our choices as to where to visit and we are both excited about the trip. I have read that there are many islands worth seeing so we will most likely spend only a day or two on Santorini. Would really like to see more pictures of your studio and home.

  7. I just love that you two have followed your passions and are in such an amazingly beautiful spot! Your blog is a joy and an inspiration to read. I can truly say that after being all over the place with what I wanted to “be” when I grew up, and what form of creativity it would take, I am very happy where I am right now. My children and my husband are my #1 passion, but feeding “my ” soul at the moment is creating for my etsy shop and meeting all of the incredibly positive and inspiring people that I have met through etsy and the blog world. I used to travel alot but it is not in our budget right now, which makes it that much nicer to travel over the web and hear great stories and see wonderful pictures.
    Thank you!

    • Generous and inspiring comment Nathalie… ty!
      Btw I saw your art… you should be very proud ;-)
      Thank you for reading AND sharing your story.

  8. Hi Michael,

    We are the couple from NYC who requested to have an octupus drawn on the apron (is that Allison drawing our apron on the above pic??). We LOVE it and have it in our kitchen for everyone to admire.

    Thank you again for bringing it to Oia.
    All the best!

    • Hi guys… after your comment I looked at the pic and realised that it is indeed your apron she is painting…it was taken that morning
      It was a pleasure to meet you both and glad you had a safe trip back.
      Hope to see you back on the island again soon !

  9. Hi Allison,

    Great blog and greetings from wintery Melbourne!!

    We got back last Tuesday and are slowly getting back into the routine. The weather here is coolish, actually quite cold, but a refreshing change from the 40+ days we had on the mainland before we left.

    While it is good to be back home, I often think of the wonderful times we spent travelling around, Greece and indeed Santorini. Thankfully we took many, many wonderful photos which will serve to remind us of the great times that we had.

    Must go now, do keep in touch.

    Hope all is well in paradise!!

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