Comfortably numb !

Is there anybody in there?
Just nod if you can hear me.
Is there anyone at home?

( Few song lyrics have caused more discussions and/or arguments about their meaning. Roger Waters wrote the lyrics and Dave Gilmour wrote the music to this song. Over the years they have each given many accounts on the meaning behind them. My view on the title and lyrics has always been quite different)

The superlative lyrics of Pink Floyd’s timeless song can, in my mind, be applied to a state of being that we have all experienced, whether we were conscious of it or not. I believe the two words in the title of this song combine to deliver the most powerful wake-up call to anyone who is willing or able to listen and understand.

 “I have become… comfortably numb” !

As a realisation, as a self-admission or an awakening, these two words together when referring to yourself must surely be as profound as any in the English language. The feeling of actually being aware that you have allowed yourself to slide into a state of inertia, of finding yourself into a comfortable daily routine where you are not being mentally (or physically) challenged, of doing something that’s making you a comfortable living…but it’s not what you love, of having somehow reasoned with yourself that there is little point in dreaming, or wanting things you were once passionate about…. THAT to me is being comfortably numb.

We have all been there. We grow “accustomed”, we grow lazy, we grow complacent, we fear change and we “avoid” anything that’s going to shake us from our comfort zone. Familiarity is queen and instant gratification is king. Why go through the wrong door, when going through the same door everyday leads us to the familiar, the safe, the comfortable?

The answer of course is that the land of the comfortably numb is the land of the living dead. No dreams, no goals, no desires, no passion, no adventure, no surprises, no new learning, no new experiences, no challenge. Commonly known as “same shit – different day”.

Ever since I first heard this song all those years ago… the first verse has always been in my mind. I have looked at people and silently asked “is there anybody in there…nod if you can hear me” during business meetings, dinner parties or casual conversations. I have asked myself over and over “are you becoming comfortably numb”?

At times the answer has been “yes”.

We all need a simple reminder… a phrase, a word, a nudge. Comfortably numb is the word combination that does it for me.
The song is timeless and my own personal meaning behind the lyrics is like a permanent pinprick that stops me from going numb!


15 responses to “Comfortably numb !

  1. So true and so well written. A reminder we must never forget.
    I just hope I don’t become ‘comfortably dumb’ too!! xv

  2. I suppose life is an eternal balance .. . .
    somewhere between high drama &
    comfortably numb. …

  3. Enjoyed this. Came here from Merisi.

  4. Thought provoking post brought to my notice by David at authorblog who has, quite rightly, awarded you his Post of the Day.

    Comfortably numb…yes, I think that would admirably describe me now after a lifetime of striving and scrabbling towards goals I believed I needed to reach to somehow justify my being here. Now I am older and wiser and realise that it was the striving towards that mattered…and now I am comfortably numb most of the time.

  5. Hey there – Enjoyed your post and congratulations for the POTD

  6. Great post! I’ve been trying to do something a little different each day where I can (even if it’s just driving home a different route) to open up the possibilities. ‘Same shit/different day’ is often because we forget that making one little change can open up a whole new world. Thanks for reminding me of the perfect words for it.

    • matter what the topic is… I’ve always believed that if you can reduce it to a couple of key words then it’s a lot easier to remember and deal with it daily. The term “comfortably numb” is such a concise way of reminding yourself not to do so many stupid things. Don’t you think?
      I am also a great believer in the “going through the wrong door’ concept… but that’s another post ;-)

  7. This is one of my own favorite songs. I was in one of these comfortably numb states of mind before I started blogging. I read a post by Shadow that challenged me to take one risk per day. I’ve been off and running ever since. How in the world did I let myself get into such a zombie-like state of existence? I forgot, I came by from David’s. Congrats on the post of the day nomination.

  8. comfortably numb = land of the living dead…great post! congrats on the POTD mention.

    • Brian ty for your comment… glad you stopped by. Had seen your comments elsewhere but hadn’t visited your blog.
      I now have. You, my friend, are a wordsmith.

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