Hazy sunset & a gorgeous Japanese bride…

I’m sorry to say that the sunset gods were not with us tonight. It was hazy and the breeze was a touch strong for a perfect sunset. I went out to my favourite secret spot to get you the best photos… and there were some very good ones, but it wasn’t a classic Oia sunset. 



We’ll try again tomorrow night… I promise you it will be worth the wait ;-)

Meantime I thought I’d share with you some pics of a lovely young Japanese couple that dropped by Allison’s studio….at 10am no less, in search of some wedding photos. That’s right….wedding photos at 10am. Japanese wedding…Santorini style.

Unfortunately by the time I got my camera they has already moved from the front of the studio and started walking up the narrow street. But I managed to capture them just in time…


These lovely young kids were just trying to get some good photos around Firostefani (village where studio is). Bride in full glory, groom in sneakers and a simple white shirt…. and the little person with them, well she was just odd (the bride was 5 feet tall… their photographer ??? ). But at least they HAD a photographer…which is more than most of these young Japanese couples have. 

But you have to love them. There they were…walking around from house to house, hotel entrance to hotel entrance, looking for the perfect shot. They asked so politely if the could have their photo taken by the front door…then smiled and bowed, thanking us and promptly moved on to their next “location”. Which wasn’t very far away….


They decided they liked the entrance to another small house as well…so they quickly set up a pose and “click”. Just like that!
I know it’s not easy to see them on this pic…so here is a close-up:

japanese4The proud samurai and his gorgeous young bride. Notice he is almost standing at attention… come to think of it so is she. No hugging and kissing for these guys… but I can tell you their faces were beaming with happiness. They were on the island of their dreams…. getting married the way they wanted to. Nothing fancy here folks…just two lovely young kids living their dream.

Take note all you guys that are about to get permanently attached to a bridezilla. This young Japanese girl was very happy to walk around a village at 10am in full gown with the man she loves. Nothing is a problem to her…she has the man she loves and she is on the island of her dreams. So what if she has to walk a kilometre or two to take some wedding photos.  

On the other hand your future mrs is asking you for a $100k wedding reception and a carat diamond for her petite wedding finger?

Hmmm…. does the image of a “one-legged man in an ass-kicking contest mean anything to you”?
That will be you for the rest of your life if you marry her !


5 responses to “Hazy sunset & a gorgeous Japanese bride…

  1. Hey Michael,
    Spending 9 wonderful days here in Oia and stumbled on your blog. Kudos to you for pursuing your dreams. Hey, maybe I’ll bump into you along some staircase or in the square! btw-do you know where I can get laundry done here? Traveling with my husband and 2 teenage daughters…need I say more?

    • lol i fully understand….. Welcome to Oia Ann Marie, most hotels should have some facilities…. otherwise Fira has laundry. Hope you are enjoying your stay in Oia…. coffee most mornings at Meteor if you happen to go for early walk…. say Hi if you happen to walk passed. ;-)

  2. Well, that sunset photo looks pretty perfect to me. Thanks for coming by and commenting. As always, love your photos!

  3. Hi thanks for the photos and an insight to Santorini ,we are coming to Santorini to get married in September ……..an cant wait !

    • Hi Deb… I hope your wedding is everything you want it to be. If you get time pop in and say hi at the studio in Firostefani.
      Till soon ;-)

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