Sisterhood of Travelling Pants & Summer Lovers

Although neither of these movies will ever enter the Movie Classic Hall of Fame… you would be amazed how much interest there still is about where they were made.

Just so happens that the houses used for both films are only metres apart… and if I lined up the shot I figured we could get both in one pic:


 Travelling pants in the foreground (blue door) and Summer Lovers in the background. Both silly films… but the scenery has mesmerised people worldwide ever since. I can’t blame them.

Just as an aside… the “Pants” house almost became my office of sorts… but the owner asked a bit too much than I was willing to pay for what is really just a small room with a bathroom. A friend has since rented it and currently lives there.

So to all of you movie buffs…there they are as promised.

I will be doing more on the Summer Lovers house soon…including some close-up pics of the inside and owners ;-)

Need to apologise for not posting as frequently as I normally do…but a lot is happening here and time has been against me. I did however manage to take Alessi and Rex for a sunset walk this evening and we took some good shots. Lots of people in Oia at the moment enjoying the great weather and fabulous sunsets. More on that tomorrow…

Whilst I was (as usual) watching the sunsetters, Alessi noticed that Rex had found a friend.


I think she’s cute…

I hope you can drop by for a real Oia Santorini sunset treat tomorrow night ;-) 


One response to “Sisterhood of Travelling Pants & Summer Lovers

  1. Always soooo love your photos! And of course, the place! Thank you for sharing these. Haven’t actually seen either of the films but now…
    Happy Weekend!

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