Oia Santorini – beauty in simplicity

Psssst… want to go for a walk with me?

Won’t take long and I promise you it’s worth it.

Let me take you by the hand (so to speak ;-) ) and show you a small part of my village… the colour, the architecture, the attention to detail, the beauty in simplicity!


a balcony… with view!



and one with a flag…



a roof top with some colour…oh, and a view,



and a hidden garden that other tourists won’t get to see…


simplicity in design and function…


understated elegance…



and clean simple lines…



a simple root top garden…


and attention to detail… even for signage



of course it helps if your friend and neighbour is a world famous iconographer… you know who I mean!



At the end of our walk I’ll take you to one of my fave spots for dinner and sunset watching… Kastro restaurant.


Just a little walk through my neighbourhood. Did you enjoy it?


::  ::  ::

Tip of the hat


The lovely Ingrid from Vita Lenta nel Bel Paese has honoured this blog with an award which is very gratefully accepted. I am supposed to nominate 15 new winners which I will try hard to do tomorrow. Thank you so much Ingrid x




I also wanted to say a big thank you to Lucy from   Enchanted by Josephine   (now here is a lady with several passions in life) for giving this small blog it’s first award several weeks back. Although I acknowledged it in the comments I never publicly thanked her…only because I was very new at this and really had no idea how it was all done. Thank you Lucy…sending you a big hug from Oia x









11 responses to “Oia Santorini – beauty in simplicity

  1. The light and colors are like an elixir for me as I sit here in lush New England green. What gorgeous photos but then how could you go wrong. Just kidding… you framed the simple beauty as an artist. Brava! Thank you so for that walk through your enchanting village!

    • Carol, you’ve heard the lines from old directors about certain screen “stars” not having a bad angle… the camera loves them. That’s Oia !

  2. Caro Michael,

    Indeed I did. I prefer opening your colourful posts and stunning photo than “staged” glossy design magazines. Your is simplicity incarnated. Complimenti! Bacione, Ingrid

  3. Oh michael… you are saving me! it’s 102 degrees in south texas all week… these gorgeous pictures take my mind off the heat! a million thank yous! one question for you … how is oia pronounced
    ( is that a stupid question?) is it “oy-ya”… i tell everybody i know about your blog them i get tangled on pronunciation! have a wonderful weekend…

    • lololol if you only knew how many times I hear “Oh-ya” every day Amanda. The name is pronounced “E-ah”. There are many many funny stories about people pronouncing it wrongly… but all islanders are used to it and just smile. I might do a small post with a collection of incidents that made me smile on this topic. I’m glad the pics can allow you a bit of mental travel away from the heat ;-)

  4. A world away from me. So beautiful, timeless. I have seen shows with tours of Santorini, but your pics are even prettier.

  5. Kastro’s for dinner tonight? Wish I could say that.

  6. Oh my, what beautiful shots and colors. I love the boat photos below too. Is it getting hot there yet? And btw, congrats on your blog award! Such a nice feeling, isn’t it?!
    You deserve it!

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