Oia Santorini… some enchanted evening

This week is all about Oia.

I will show you views, architecture, restaurants, shops, alleys & steps, doors, colour and people…. lots of people. Oia is alive once again and I think it’s time we had a closer look at her and her enchanting magic.

First up I wanted to show you what happened below the house as I sat out the front last night. It was an unusual night… the weather playing games with us and the rolling clouds creating some fantastic images. It was June 21st … the longest day of the year. The light was changing every ten minutes and down below me…well, all kinds of things were happening. Let’s take a look together:


let it be

First…”Let it be” arrived. It’s a private yacht that visits often and docks at Armeni…a tiny port below us.



Then the clouds started to roll in… but the caldera below was already a hive of activity.



I looked to my left and saw Imerovigli almost covered in rolling cloud…


the first of the sail boats had picked up it’s load of sunsetters and was heading out to the middle…
all on board with cameras in hand.



Soon there were all kinds of boats trying to get the best position for sunset watching…



and as the sun was setting Imerovigli was glowing under the cloud.



I went in to get my small tripod for night shots and when I came back out I found Allison like this…
I think she was enjoying the view!



After the sun sank gently into the Aegean, the sunset boats started heading back to port…



and the larger ships paraded in front of us… heading towards other Greek island magic.


All this happened within an hour and a half. The clouds added a special touch to the whole experience… and the sun-setters were happy. They were sailing off and their cameras were blinking like Christmas lights from the boats below. Another enchanting evening in Oia…. another set of experiences for hundreds of people that will be talking about this sunset for years to come. Santorini weaving it’s magic yet again… 




14 responses to “Oia Santorini… some enchanted evening

  1. Stunning! My husband and I were there 2 years ago and can’t wait to get back! I left Oia for the end of our trip when I planned it, that was the best decision ever! I subscribed to your blog to keep me memorized until I get to visit Oia again. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

  2. The first time I visited Santorini we had a foggy night like the one you posted. We were staying on the cliff in Fira and the fog was so think we couldn’t see the old port below and there was no way o see the volcano. A visit I can’t ever forget.

  3. i recognise so many of your pictures, i was only there last week. it’s a fantastic spot.

  4. oh my god…this is non stop unbearable beauty…..! the pic of your wife is great and says it all: yes, let’s embrace all that blue and let’s dive into it!

    tell me, do you think it’s a nightmare to be a wedding planner in Oia because i start thinking it would be my dream job!
    i love Andalusia but….well…Oia is so so special…

  5. The longest evening of summer was not long enough! I love that Allison was inspired to become a sail herself! I’m so happy that you decided to have this blog, M.

  6. Caro Michael,

    Your photo is heavenly – literally! what beauty of nature!

    The “One Lovely Blog Award” was passed on to me by Simon on the Side. Today I have passed it on to you because I find your blog really intriguing!

    All the best and bacione,Ingrid in Umbria

  7. michelle Rainey

    hello i just have to leave a comment on your website, i have just come home from the most beautiful island i have ever visited, SANTORINI and i have travelled to a lot of places but this to me was heaven, where ever i looked there was a beautiful view, and i saw the mist rolling across the hills, all that did was had even more magic to the holiday…… it is paradise and i wish i could move there…………. michelle

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