The colours of Oia

A lot of people have the idea that Santorini…. and especially Oia is full of white, sugar-coated houses. But not so. Whilst the white-washed houses are many, the village of Oia is alive with colour…glorious colour !








As it often happens with European and especially Mediterranean villages… somehow it all looks totally co-ordinated, even though its not.
From the sea… looking up, Oia looks like a master has painted it on the cliff face.








These images offer only a tiny glimpse… but believe me when I tell you that colour is everywhere. The endless Aegean sea below maybe the backdrop, but the colours of Oia leave memories that last a lifetime.  



6 responses to “The colours of Oia

  1. Between the color of the water and the color of the bougainvilla, I think it must be the color of heaven. After all – the gods lived there.

  2. Cara,

    Happened to stumble over your blog. Fantastic photo. Love the way you live your dream. Will visit often and leave comments. I took the liberty of adding you to my blog list. OK? Bacione from Ingrid (an expat Swede) in Umbria, Italy

    • Hi Ingrid & welcome. Living in Umbria… you’re a lucky girl….love the area, been there lots of times and hope many more times in the future. Great jazz fest and gorgeous villages…
      Big wave from Oia ;-)

  3. Hi!!! well I follow your blog for a while now and I have to say this pictures are like fresh air in my day… I work 8 hrs a day in front of the computer so its always nice to know I can be somewhere else with my mind. Beautiful sea. Beautiful colors.

  4. These shots are so lovely – what a paradise Oia is and how lucky you are to have found it.

  5. Bellissimo! Coffee in the early morning looking out over your amazing island brings me right back to mornings I’ve spent breathing in the sea air. Could use a little of that right now!

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