Greek postcard….

Alessi and I have been travelling to Northern Greece… with lots of stops along the way. The weather is fantastic and the places we have visited have resulted in a myriad of thoughts about future stories and images for this little blog. There is just so much of Greece that is never shown in the way it deserves. The history is overwhelming…the images are inspiring and the discoveries endless.

Over the next few days you will see the sacred spot where the Spartan King and his 300 warriors did the impossible and probably changed European and world history in the process. If you don’t already know much about the history behind this event (other than watching the recent “300” movie) you might want to spend some time reading up on it prior to seeing the images… context is essential in really understanding the enormous implications of what took place in the narrow pass at Thermopyles. This is not just about war…it is not just about tactics or leadership. It is about human psyche  and personal values. It is about self discipline and redefining the perceived “enormity” of issues we all face daily. If there was ever an inspiring story………

We have also visited Mt Olympus, sublime mountain villages, a middle ages castle, a city landmark tower that has been transformed with technology to display more than 2,500 years of fascinating city history and a very special church…..

Its been an incredible journey of discovery and we hope you can join us for a tiny but special glimpse of a fascinating country!



2 responses to “Greek postcard….

  1. I’m very excited about reading these posts, M. Will return!

  2. Thanks for thinking of sharing all this knowledge with your blog readers … .
    I shall stay tuned!


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