Oia Santorini – Sea Adele… a classic beauty

I have a confession to make. A house on Santorini has not been my only passion for the past 15 years. There is another object of desire that has held me captive all that time. Sadly I haven’t looked after her for a few years… but that’s all about to change. Her name is Sea Adele and she was hand made by the Australian master boat builder Harry Hammond. She was made in 1954, which makes her older than me by a few years and although I haven’t been really looking after her as well as I should have she is still as gorgeous as ever. I brought her over when we came here (most people called me crazy…but you can’t sell a living treasure like her).  

She made the trip in a container with some very minor scratches here and there, but overall she survived unskathed. It took a lot of running around and paperwork to get her to her new home… but now that she is here I couldn’t wait to take good care of  her. A friend let me put her on his vacant block (a rare thing to find an empty block so close to the village). She has waited patiently all winter, covered in plastic and a few rather large rocks to stop the howling winds from blowing all the covers away. But now…. well now this beautiful craft is about to get a facelift that will bring her back to her glorious best.

For those of you interested in classic boats the Sea Adele is a clinker boat…which means the side planks overlap and she has considerable power for her size. She is a work of art and once she has been stripped, re-varnished and polished she will be turning heads all over this island. Having said all that a boat like Sea Adele is not really a boat..it’s a mistress !

Below are a couple of earlier pictures of  her (courtesy of Woodenboatshop). I am certain once she is finsihed this time she will look even better than she did when she was much younger.




A lot of work is going into the restoration of this beauty and there are many pictures to come…stay tuned ;-)


6 responses to “Oia Santorini – Sea Adele… a classic beauty

  1. I can see how one could lose one’s head over that beauty! :-)

  2. She IS a beauty! All that glorious wood. Yes, a work of art. You should be proud.

  3. I can understand your passion completely. We have a thirty year old Corvette which we have just had restored to perfection. And it is bright, lipstick red. A lightning fast dream. Enjoy your treasure.
    So happy to be back – well, not really – but happy to be able to visit my many friends around the world again.

  4. oh my…i totally agree with Willow and Merisi, she is to die for…love all that precious wood !

  5. Wood is alive, it has character and it takes great craftmanship to shape it into a boat such as this. This is why I think its a work of art…

    Btw all that glorious wood has now been stripped and after many coats of new varnish will look amazing. Cant wait ….

  6. Simon Warburton


    I am a journalist writing an article about Santorini for Times Online (online version of The Times newspaper in London). I’m looking to get an idea of Santorini from local bloggers for inclusion in the article.

    Perhaps you’d like your views featured? If so, just drop me a line with some of your thoughts, ideas, tips for tourists to use on Santorini.

    Best regards,


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