Oia Santorini – Aegean Design…another peek

Aegean Design has been opened and it seems that most people are sick to death of touristy trinkets made in China or India and sold off as locally made. Visitors to the studio have been so very generous with their comments… its been incredible to see the interest in genuinely hand-made / hand-painted items on display. Just wanted to take a minute to thank them all for their support and encouragement for Allison’s work.

For all you interior design enthusiasts the chair below is not for sale… its an item we actually brought over with us. Originally it was upholstered in creamy silk… but the artist decided it needed a bit more colour if it was to be used in her studio…. so she took to it with her paintbrushes and half an hour later…voilà !

I like it much better…. what do you think?


the decorative worry beads are also hers…


11 responses to “Oia Santorini – Aegean Design…another peek

  1. It is gorgeous (& I have similar worry beads in lapis from Beirut…I’m working them a lot lately, so thanks for the notebook & photos).

    I went to great effort when in Santorini in 1989 to buy local. There were a few places making their own things. (I checked…pesky academic-turned-reporter.) I don’t know what went on during the interim (before your self-installation on island). I became the “Santorini” expert among large group of people. I branched out from a more legitimate position as Rome-&-southern Italy maven. My whole deal was: buy from people who live there, who are making a life there, talk to them, pet dogs, kitties, & generally, you know, talk to people. People always had a better time — you would know this — when they made the effort. And they came back with a few things that were legitimately Santorini–not necessarily traditional. But made by folks there, on the island.

    BTW, I was seriously underweight (yeah, I know we’d all like that but…) a year before I visited the island.

    I was better when I got there but made huge leaps & pounds (sorry) when I started popping in (about 3 times a day) to a patisserie. Is it still there? I’ve lost my notes to the trip & I didn’t have a photo taken of myself gorging on French-pastries-made-by-locals. But they were the best I’d had (& I lived in Alsace)…there were two or three brothers. At least one had gone to class in France. It’s all I can remember but I think of them now & again.

    Greetings from Washington, DC & I wish I were there & visiting the studio.

    xo Susan

    • ty Susan… I dont know which pastry shop you refer to but there are quite a few now…too many good ones for one’s healthy diet lol. Your comments about people wanting to buy local are almost word-for-word what the visitors are saying. I think people are sick to death of being offered trash for their hard earned cash. Most also have their photos taken in the studio…which is always a good sign that they enjoyed their visit there…
      Will keep you posted ;-)

  2. Such a delightful garden on your beautiful chair!
    So happy to hear you’re getting a good response to the new venture … .


  3. it certainly jazzes it up….love it !
    congratulations for the workshop !

  4. I’ve always wanted to buy a set of nice worry beads. I found a store in the Plaka in Athens that hand make the ones with small pea sized beads. I like those but want a really nice set like the ones pictured. When looking in most of the shops they are so expensive so I have never done it.

    I really like the ones pictured, are they made by your wife?

    • Yes they are John. The small ones are obviously to hold, where as the larger ones are purely for decorative purposes. Allison makes them in many colours and lengths in the traditional style.

  5. How wonderful to be so creative and good with colours!

    Glad to hear that the studio has lots of enthusiastic visitors.

    Regards from Toronto, Canada

  6. Hello from Canada,
    I would like to contact Allison please tell me how?
    Thank you,

    The yoga teacher from Canada

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