Oia Santorini – the Great Walk of Santorini part II

Thank you for your great response to our first part of the walk last week…. your comments are always appreciated !

It’s an odd thing, I don’t think there are many people that haven’t seen an image of Santorini somewhere… be it on TV, magazines, movies. Yet there is so much of this island that most people have never seen (including locals). Last week we brought you images of the middle part of the great walk between Oia and Fira. This week Alessi and I went on another adventure… doing the first part of the great walk (closest to Oia). Once again we were stunned by what we saw.

By the way… just for the record, the whole family was invited to join us…. but alas, the girls don’t do mornings.




Once again we started walking up the path… many of you asked if its an established path? The answer is YES.
It took years to make, but as you will see it was worth the effort…



Oia was behind us and my island (well it s not “my island”, but its under my house so I’m claiming it  lol ) was looking like a little dot
in the blue caldera (btw, since a few of you have asked… the name of the small island below Oia is St. Nicholas – tiny church on it in honour of the saint –
but thats another “special post”). 



As we got higher the magic started to unfold in front of us…



Tiny little memorial (with scripture inside)… 



as always… overlooking the village is a picturesque little church. A lot of history here, but we had a long way to go
so we kept walking… 



the path leads higher, but its easy to walk and the scenery keeps your mind off the climb…



some of these retaining walls were built centuries ago… one can imagine the Venetian soldiers
(who had several forts on this island) walking
along this same path…



no doubt the path would look different in the middle of summer… but at this time of the year
the hills are wearing their most vivid colours. Then… we were almost at the top and the view opened to this!



suddenly it was an assault on the senses. We looked around us…



behind us was Oia in the distance…



above us was the small church we knew signalled the top of the hill. But, to our right…. well to our right was something extraordinary…



its views like this that make you start whispering to yourself…



we walked closer to the small church…



tiny ancient outbuilding next to it…



the church is modest, humble…the very essence of simplicity. 
Its’ understated elegance speaks volumes about the island, the country and its’ people.


The following images, photographed from the courtyard of this church…don’t need words. At least not mine. I couldn’t possibly do the images justice.
Let your own mind create words for what you see…









there are times when words are simply inadequate…




Look closely…a third of the way down the edge of the cliff there is a little white church. Its below Imerovigli, facing the volcano
and its under an old Venetian fort. Next Sunday we will take you there…

Hope you enjoyed the walk with us ;-)


You can read part one of our Great Walk adventure here 


Note: All pictures are subject to international copyright laws and can not be used in any form without permission.


11 responses to “Oia Santorini – the Great Walk of Santorini part II

  1. What I’d like to know is this: who irons all this blue to make it so flat?

  2. it must be incredible to have such incredible views within such easy access.

    love your blog! what you wrote in your dedication page is inspirational and definitely applies to me!

  3. Hi Corine…
    I’m sure its the ancient dwellers of lost Atlantis …
    Nice thought huh? ;-)

  4. i don’t do morning either but for all this beauty i’ll make an exception!
    so blissful…

    Corine’s comment cracks me up…

    by the way, is the water warm enough now to swim?

  5. Thank you for part two. I am looking forward the the continuation of the journey next week. I so wish I could be there to experience it myself but I will have to settle for your pictures and captions.

    • I’m really looking forward to next week’s adventure John…the view of the volcano from that spot is supposed to be spectacular. Its not really on the path, but I’ve always wanted to get there. Lets hope the weather is kind !

  6. Breathtakingly beautiful!!

  7. Enjoyed the walk so much –
    I emailed it to a Greek friend :-)

  8. Beautiful! I am off to Greece in a few weeks and your blog is a gift. Thank you.
    – Sheila

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