Oia Santorini – less is more

Many of you have wondered how a cave house is lit…



The answer is less is more…


The magical, luminous Aegean light is ample during the day. At night… the little candle windows I dug on the sides of the cave create a warm ambience and give out soft light that in turn captures the curved surfaces of the cave walls. Each candle window was sponged a different colour to contrast the stark white walls of the cave. Yes…there are electric lights… but what would you rather use?

More on the cave soon ;-)



9 responses to “Oia Santorini – less is more

  1. love the niche…i can’t wait to see what else has been done….too much fun…seems like ya’ll are having a lot of fun :)

  2. It’s beautiful and unique. I think I want to live in a cave in Greece now!

  3. Hi again:) Please drop by my site…I’ve given you an award!!

  4. What an idlyic place to live! I think I would just sit and stare at the sea and the houses all day! You are so very lucky… And a cave house! I hope one day I get to Santorini and see first hand – in the meantime I will be coming back to watch the progress and see your wonderful pics!

  5. Dear M –
    So dreamy! The pictures you took on the walk with your son lifted my spirits ten fold! Thank you so much. I am falling in love with your island. I am heading to the Atlantic Ocean – nothing in comparison to your turquoise beauty – but a place I love nonetheless. I realize, this very minute, that as I was shopping for some things to take I chose the colors blue and white subconciously after viewing your lovely photos! So I am carrying the colors of Oia with me to my own little island.
    I have happily added your site to my bloglist.
    Enjoy your week and I will visit you on my return.

    • Have a great break Catherine…fly the colours of Oia for us. Alessi and I took another walk this morning…another part of the Great Walk…even better than the first one. Will post it by the time you get back. Wave from the Atlantic to us ;-)

  6. your journal is making US dream of a different life…..


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