Tip of the hat…

Her name is Lala…her name for him is “Monchéri” and they live in Antalucia, Spain no less.
Her name means “beloved”…his name means, well you know what his name means.

You couldn’t make this stuff up if you tried…;-)

Read all about it here!

PS: even with a sick computer Lala (you gotta love that name) managed to give this little cave-blog a mention… that’s got to be worth some grilled octopus and a bottle of ouzo by the water…. the highest award possible under the Oia constitution.


Her name is Corine… she is “Hidden in France“….oh, and she “wants her purple couches out of her life… but they won’t leave”.
Her bookshelf has no books in it…only 2 wooden letters – S & M -…aha!  
AND…. she amputated the legs off a desk to make a coffee table…as one does ;-)

But despite this perfectly normal behaviour… she had the good grace to mention us in her wonderful blog, and for that we tip our hat in gratitude !
PS: more octopus and ouzo….


2 responses to “Tip of the hat…

  1. oh….thank you thank you… my boyfriend and i gladly accept the grilled octopus award !

  2. You make me sound weirder than I am. Thank you :-)

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