Oia Santorini – Volcano Viewing


I was visiting my friend today…he manages Volcano View villas on Santorini. I looked out of his office window and saw this:

300m above sea level…. look closely. What could this little bird be thinking? 


If you can think of a quote please leave a comment.




8 responses to “Oia Santorini – Volcano Viewing

  1. Thank God I sold my nest in the city!

    • lololol that’s so much better than anything I was going to write as a caption…I’m glad I didn’t.
      “Summer Lovers” house pics coming soon… promise!

  2. hello there,
    your notebook on Oia Santorini is beautiful. though, i imagine not as beautiful as being there in person.

    enjoy! and thanks for the inspiration.

    ~audrey, by invitation of Lala at ‘my castle in spain.’

    • I’m so glad you find it inspiring Audrey… and you are right about being here in person. Sadly my photography is just nowhere near good enough to capture this place. Even my eyes have a hard time comprehending the view some times… but I try ;-)

  3. I am in love with your home and your blog. I found you through Lala. Beautiful.

  4. ne…ner…ne…ner…ne…ner…I’m doing the happy dance…wish you were here…not!

    Love your blog and I’m so jealous…wish I was there…found your blog thru Notting Hill…just breathtaking views…I’d do morning and hike those hills for those views.

    • lol great comment Roberta and welcome ;-)
      love your happy compulsion…and to make a living out of it…thats fantastic !
      there were/are many times during the cave build that we could use your skills….hope you visit again soon !

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