Oia Santorini – the Great Walk… a Sunday morning walk on the cliffs of Santorini

Alessi (my son) and I went for a walk this morning. It was a long walk….but not just any walk. This was the Great Walk along the cliffs, facing the caldera of Santorini. We thought you might like to see what we saw…. enjoy ;-)



we started up the path…


and soon we were high enough to look back at our village – Oia, in the background…


and in front of us was Imerovigli….



and the volcano was sleeping surrounded in endless blue…



so we climbed higher…



and before long we came across a small church….



just an ordinary Greek church you might say…but how wrong you would be! 



You see, this church has this view in front of it….



and this…..



if you want to get married in a magical place….I challenge you to find a better one…


church3it sits on top of the cliff…



and its stunning…




but we continued till we went over the cliff top to the “other side”….


othersidethe “other side”  (as the locals call the side not facing the volcano)  anywhere else in the world would be considered stunning,
but here…well here its just the “other side”… 



the path continues towards Fira…but we decided to leave that part for another day and headed back….



so we went back up to the cliff top….



looking at our little village in the background….



Alessi stopped to collect some wildflowers for home…



and we watched the morning ferry leave the island…



that’s when we met poppy…



and violet…



who was next to pink….



and this stunning yellow…



all of them under the shade of rugged volcanic rock…



so we kept walking back down the path….



to where the red Vespa was waiting to take us home….



where we found Rex having his own morning viewing of the endless blue below…


It was a lovely walk on a Sunday morning…we hope you enjoyed it too ;-)




24 responses to “Oia Santorini – the Great Walk… a Sunday morning walk on the cliffs of Santorini

  1. Stunning! The next time my wife and I visit the island I want to add this walk to our itinerary. How long of a walk is it from Oia to Fira? Does the path continue beyond Fira?

    • Glad you checked back John….it really was stunning. The whole walk is around 12k and you obviously need to decide which way to walk (Fira to Oia or reverse). Depending on the month I would suggest you start early as it gets very hot by 10am in summer. If you walk from Oia to Fira you can keep going all the way up to Pyrgos…but that would be a looooong walk in one day. We will walk some more of the path next weekend and post more images…plenty more to come ;-)

  2. Wow – You live in an amazing place!!! I’ve never been there but now I really want to! BEAUTIFUL!

  3. gorgeous, again. The vegetation is not so different from Southern California. the architecture is FAR better.

  4. MY GOD this place….your story…I am just drawn to it!!! Every time I see your pictures I find myself dying inside for wasting my life in a place where winter lasts like 6 months or more and I never get to see the sea. For wealth isn’t everything…I used to live by the sea and I always look back at those years with the best memories and wishing I could still be there. But then reality sets in….You are very brave and I applaud you for following your dreams!!!! I am really hoping one day I will too because at the end I don’t want to look back thinking I really did waste my life. Until then I will follow your life through this blog:)))

  5. Oh my — such a beautiful blog!
    I found you through Lala …. . and I’ll look forward to returning to visit …. .. .. .


  6. I’m happy I found your blog thanks to Lala !!
    You live in pardise ! I might think about Santorini for my next vacations ! It is gorgeous

  7. How breathtaking…thank you for sharing and transporting me off away from the desert back to the sea…

  8. hello.
    I’m coming to Oia 11 june and I have read the description of this awsome walk.
    It’s my second time in Santorini, and I think it’s one of the most wonderful place in the world.
    But I have never walked this trail.
    Does it lead also to Imeroviglion? And how long does it take?
    My son is 10. Is it ok for him?
    I think you have made a great choice!
    Thank you and maybe see you in Oia!

    • Welcome Anna….yes the walk is fine for a 10 year old…I’m sure he will love it too, just keep him safe and away from the edge. Lots of families do the walk… I will be away for a few days but should be back by the 11th. Send me an email when you get here perhaps.I hope you enjoy your stay in Oia ;-)

  9. We will in Santorini the beginning of November w/a cruise stop. I am interested in a possible guide to take us from the ship to Oia and walk the Caldera to Fira. Any ideas would be appreciated.

  10. We were in Santorini this summer and stayed in Imerovigli. The caldera foot path was debateably our most favorite part of the island. It bisected our hotel (Andromeda Villas) and ran right past our room – one day we decided to follow it all the way to Fira and back. Looking at your pictures almsot brought tears to my eyes – I miss Santorini so much and am so completely jealous of your life in Oia!! Thank you for posting the pictures and story :)

    • I hope you also went the other way to Oia Lauren…. it’s spectacular. So is the walk out to Skaros which was in front of your hotel. If you didnt make it to either of these…maybe next time ;-)
      Thank you for dropping by and your wonderful comment. M

  11. Fábio Lima da Silva

    Dear friend,
    I´ve bought a ticket to travel to Greece next month (february). According to most people I know, who have been to Greece, it´s the wrong time to visit Santorini… Really? The photos are wonderful! Santorini is a very peaceful place on winter with plenty of colours and very beautiful closed doors…
    I live in Brazil and we have TOO MUCH sun all the year round, being possible to stand on a beach it doesn´t matter the month. So, no problem if it is not possible to stay under sea level.

    With so many things closed, it is possible to find a room in Oia?

    Best regards from Brazil,


  12. Wow, thank you for adding me!!! I will live vicariously through you….that is the most beautiful walk I have ever taken cyber style or real…and we share the same taste in music. Thank you. Thank you!

  13. I plan to be there in two weeks and would like to walk from Fira to Oia (alas, we are just there for the day from a cruise ship). Is it possible to catch a boat from Ammoudi to take us back to the ship?

    • Boat back to the ship is out as an option Kim… but nothing to stop you from catching the bus back. Just make sure you have enough time for the walk and for bus ride back. Walk is around 8-9k so depending on fitness it will take 2-3 hours or more…allowing for photos and stops etc. Buses run every hour from Oia… so you will need to allow for those in your schedule.

  14. We will disembark at Fira. Is it easy to find the footpath to Oia?

  15. Hi M: Wow! The caldera pathway was more spectacular than usual since the day I walked it (May 21?) there was a thunder and lightening storm! What a great way to spend the day in Santorini. Had lunch in Oia at a little cafe overlooking Amoudi while my socks dried out. Thank you for your guidance. Kim

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