Santorini Spring

Most visitors come to Santorini in summer…the island is crowded and the landscape dry from the relentless sun. If only they knew what they were missing in spring !  This morning I was riding the Vespa from Fira to Oia…bright sunny day. Thought you might like to see what I saw….


There is so much colour you don’t know where to look first…












Santorini has always been a photographer’s dream. But in spring….well in spring its something else again ;-)



4 responses to “Santorini Spring

  1. Hello, Michael. Is this real?

    To be able to live in a place you love, to love the place you live, that is wealth!

    It would not be difficult to love Santorini.

    Thank you for introducing yourself.

  2. Hi Ruth…welcome. I totally agree with you ;-)

  3. I am thrilled that you visited me and that it has led me here! I cannot wait to sit down and read your blog. Some wine from Santorini would have been perfect – such a shame that we can’t find good Greek wines here. I look forward to many visits with you ! Thank you!

  4. Thanks so mch for inviting me here…it’s spectacular! Your blog is like visiting Dreamland.

    And- I’m also happy to see from the comments that I’m in good company with friends that I already know:)


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