Oia Santorini – a place to clear the mind


Its late in the season…. another day of running around for paperwork of all sorts. Applications, permits…more applications. I’m alone on the island and just want to sit somewhere and defrag the brain. I get on the Vespa and ride down to Ammoudi (a full post on this magical little spot soon). The little taverna by the water is empty….so Joy (Dimitri’s partner – owners of the taverna) sets a table for me by the water and I sit there with a glass of ouzo…. my mind clouded with all the bureaucratic nonsense of the day. The water below me is so clear I can see tiny lava rocks 5 metres below the water line.

Within minutes….magically it seems, just like the water my mind becomes clear. I remember thinking “I know there are better places in this world…I just can’t think of them right now”!


4 responses to “Oia Santorini – a place to clear the mind

  1. The water is SO clear and SO blue! It’s truly amazing!

    • Welcome Niki…the waters around Santorini really are amazing. This photo is from Ammoudi…the small port under Oia. Its not Sydney harbour, but one visit and you will never forget it. Hope you make it here in your travels one day ;-)

  2. Hello!…I can’t quite explain how I found myself on your blog…but I am so happy to have stumbled upon it! And I can say without hesitation that is the same exact feeling I had when I stumbled upon this beautiful taverna and ate grilled squid and drank cold beer before heading off to see the sunset….years ago….but feels like yesterday! Thank you!! Happy and Healthy New Year! :)

    • Hi Erin…sounds perfect. Ammoudi is my favourite part of Santorini and that taverna is a regular dinner spot all summer. It’s hard to describe it to people that havent been there… but you and I know it’s a special place ;-)

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