Santorini sunrise…



sublime Santorini sunrise


Sunrise or sunset?

Of the 1.2 million visitors to this islands every year, its doubtful that any more than 1% ever see what I consider the most beautiful sunrise in the world.

In the evenings they flock to Oia by the thousands to take photos of the famous sunset. The “sun-setters”, as we call them, hang off every wall, every roof top, every empty spot they can find to witness the magical sunset of Oia.

You’ll find none of them in the early morning though. If they only knew what they miss. Sunrise is the most peaceful, most serene time of the day on this island. On a calm morning the caldera below is like a canvas with the most sublime painting on it….changing each morning with the breeze, the cruise ships and the rare clouds that drift in during spring/summer. Sunrise is quiet, very very quiet. It’s the perfect time to think and try to take in the majesty of the vista in front of you. Sunrise is my time…..


One response to “Santorini sunrise…

  1. I just wanted to know that I was planning on waking up tomorrow to check out the sunrise, did a quick search “Santorini sunrise” and found this post. If I wasn’t certain that I wanted to wake up to see it, I am now. Thanks for posting this.

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