Oia – resurrection at midnight in Santorini

It was almost midnight and the marble paved streets of Oia were filled with people….all walking in the same direction. The main church and the square in front of it were filled. The chants and psalms from the church were carried by the light breeze and taken over the dark caldera below.

Just before midnight all lights went out….and the sacred light was passed by the priest to the faithful, who passed it on to each other until everyone held a lit candle. At midnight the resurrection was announced and the celebrations begun. Families and friends kissed and wished each other a Happy Easter while fireworks danced in the breeze. In a while people slowly drifted off for the traditional family dinner….carrying the sacred flame to light the icon oil- lamps at home. Easter in a small village feels very different….



the church bells rang…



the faithful came…



the sacred light was passed to one and all…



friends and families shared the magic moment…



and the home candles were lit for good luck !



but small village or not…the kids still want their easter egg-hunt (look closely) !


Happy Easter to you all from Santorini ;-)


3 responses to “Oia – resurrection at midnight in Santorini

  1. Valentina Pissarides

    Christos Anesti!
    I just found your sight and was moved by your pix, eventhough i lived the same experience last night here in our little church in Nicosia (which would probably feel like a metropolis compared to Oia) However the experience felt the same, and I just felt compelled to let you know. I’ll be reading your previous posts tomorrow, with a nice cup of tea, and get to know you better. Yiasas!
    Valentina from Cyprus (a ‘Nymphi’ imported from Canada)

  2. Welcome Valentina….a cup of tea and sitting back to read & relax for a while sounds like a great. I hope you enjoy and drop in again soon :-)

  3. Lovely photos! A belated Happy Easter to you, as well.

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