Sneak peek…

My wife has been working feverishly for a few months….trying to get her studio open for Easter weekend (Greek Easter that is…which is this weekend). I haven’t been allowed in…and when I have it’s only to get paperwork done and run around to local authorities for permits. Greeks love their paperwork. Opening a small studio is half a small forest gone.

This time I walked in and stayed…looking around, touching things. Determined to not be shown the door yet again.

What’s that? – I said.

“Its a kitchen-tidy bag”.

“Ah….it’s a bag-bag” – I said. 

“No…you use it for all kinds of things…including bags”


That’s when I got “the look”. I knew it was time to leave… But I loved the colours, so I took out my camera and said “I want to post a couple of things on the blog, just as a sneak preview”.

Didn’t wait for an answer….I just picked out a couple of things that I liked the look of and went out to the terrace and took some pics. I hope you appreciate that I risked life & limb to show you these!










You got to love hand-painted things !

Let me know your thoughts ;-)


2 responses to “Sneak peek…

  1. please tell your wife these are perfectly yummy, adorable and 100% adoptable on a happy breakfast table !

    when does the online shop open ?

    ps : your post above made me feel really exhausted ! i’m glad in the end, your superb views will be such a compensation for all this hard work !

    • I will gladly pass on your comments…as for the online shop for Aegean Design…soon!
      Sorry the pics look tiring….the work certainly was…but good things take time & effort.
      It gets better I promise ;-)

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