Winter Eden

I know winter is over….sadly. Spring (normally my favorite season) is upon us. On the island this means wildflowers everywhere and lush green cliffs.  Normally… if I was still living in a big city, I would be ecstatic that spring was in the air. The colour, the light, the buzz in the air. Warmer days, walks in the park or the sea shore, coffee outside in the morning with weekend papers spread all over the table….bliss!

But not here…

Although spring on Santorini is a great time to see the island in its wildflower overlay…..sadly it also signals the end of winter solitude. Now dont get me wrong, winters are harsh here. Hardly sub-zero, but windy (read: VERY windy) and quiet….VERY quiet. For a city slicker the quiet can be unnerving at first. Around Christmas almost “everyone” leaves the island, but for those lucky enough or some would say “silly enough” to stay….it is a wonderland.

Go with me on this….you are in a cave house, 300 metres above the sea level of the caldera below…sheer cliff face in front of you and a sleeping volcano on the horizon. The wind is howling outside and you are watching the most incredible lightning show you can possibly imagine happening over the volcano. The village is totally empty. You stand in front of the window, glass of good red in your hand….as one does, you look out of the cave house and you see something like this:



Now, call me crazy… but I remember thinking that there was nowhere else in the world I would rather be !

I know its not for everyone….I know that for most people Greek Islands means sun, beach and clear blue skies. But for those of you that can appreciate the sublime pleasure of winter solitude in a magical landscape, then winter on Santorini is something to consider.

PS: will post some more winter pics if you want to see them….


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