A house on Santorini…

Dear reader….please click on the “pages” sidebar topic to start following the 20 year odyssey of finding and renovating two abandoned caves on the cliffs of Oia.

This will be an on-going post with lots of pictures and at times hilarious stories (at times not so hilarious) about the adventure of digging and building a home on the cliff-face of Oia.

I hope you enjoy and  leave some words of encouragement !



2 responses to “A house on Santorini…

  1. Welcome to the blogosphere! It’s a welcoming place:)

    Caves in Santorini? Sounds just *incredible*. We honeymooned there and thought it was the most beautiful place we had ever seen. Hmmmm….maybe you would consider a vacation swap one day?

  2. Michael & Ali, took a minute before running out to my brothers……wait for it….75th birthday…..to look at the photos and they are stunning. Will have a better look tomorrow Was great to hear from you Ali, will do a proper reply later.
    luv to you both. Dee and Gunar….did you know we got married in January???? whoopppppeeeee

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